Monday, November 28, 2011

The Art of Chris Gilmour

Chris Gilmour site

I love creating art from recycled materials. I have several sculpture projects going of my own. But I just have to show you Chris Gilmours work. This typewriter is only made from cardboard and glue.

A greener alternative to plastics: liquid wood

A greener alternative to plastics: liquid wood

Some time ago I remember some company creating plastic like bench tops from waste cardboard. I have been trying to find the companies site again but to no avail. Though when you do go on the search for interesting things you reveal even more interesting things. Here is "liquid wood" a process for producing a plastic material from lignin. This isn't that surprising though. Casein plastic is made from milk so why not a wood plastic. I wonder if you can add it to your compost?

Tiles that generate electricity while we walk

POWERleap - Tiles that generate electricity while we walk

You could imagine a house that was able to generate the power needed for those that live inside it by simply having people living inside it. A hole kitchen and bathroom that heats and lights itself by converting activity into electricity.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Collect Your Own Water

I am inspired to start building my own version of this. I Think that what falls on your roof should be collected locally rather than using fossil fuels to bring it to you via your water service.. Also if done high enough up a hill this has the potential of creating small amounts of power if run by a generator on the trip to the hose.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Designer Recycler

I thought I would point out a few artistic ways to recycle. Even though you may not want to go the full hog and live in a trash palace. You can still be part of a culture of recycling . Check some of these wonderful and serious attempts to reuse refuse.

Mike is Right

I know I have posted that I don't like the hobbit house design of earthships but I love their concept. If we can take waste and use it as an asset that builds brighter futures instead of letting it pollute the world, then we should!. Mike I applaud you your family and your followers. Keep it up you will change the world for most of us.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dan Phillips Houses

Dan Phillips fosters a Dionysian philosophy of house design and building. His approach to recycling is to turn unusual and damaged objects into feature items by re-purposing and juxtaposing. With a similar set of fundamental design rules as Mike Reynolds, Dan is helping house the poor and change attitudes of councils.