Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Really Recycling

It occurred to me some years ago that recycling is really just another way of saying something is in pause between use and landfill. That pollution was inevitable given that eventually the trash we try to recycle will, at some time or another end up in the bin. I have read articles on the subject of waste recycling and the failure for the government backed ventures to offer solutions that really benefit the environment. These tend more to give people peace of mind rather than truth . This got me thinking that we in the 1st world need to devise ways of either designing something to have two purposes or find better ways to recycle what we already have around us into permanent useful things. I think that for example, denim insulation made from old jeans is a great benefit to affordable insulation. So similarly I have started to design and devise ways to use things we take for granted when we consider recycling. Though there are tons of ways to recycle the things I will mention, I am putting forward some "new" ideas about how best to use throw away items.

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