Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Uses for Old Tyres

In my searches on the net I have come across lots of great uses for old tyres. A lot of which I am going to get around to doing myself. But as I have said before there are some ideas of my own I will investigate. Ideas that can keep a tyre useful long after its wear and tear has made it redundant for use on a car. One idea I have is to make a stack of tyres become a large raised planter.

Here is how it gets done. Get three tyres and cut the tops and bottoms of each. Leave a small lip so each can be stacked on top of one another. Then burn or drill holes that will take nuts and bolts through them. This is in order to secure some wire mesh around the outside. Once secure the tyres can then be coated in "papercrete", which is a form of D.I.Y lightweight concrete that will give the tyres an aesthetic coat. You can colour it with oxides before it completely sets.

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